Game Plan

Following a meeting with Inousah, our project manager, and Matt, the director of VWA, we have drafted and started working on a plan of action for our 6 week placement.

The first step is to identify the most significant health issues in the Oshieye community and understand the challenges people face with access to proper medical services. We will also interview officials on the district and sub-district level to enquire how they are working towards developing their system and ensuring low-income families get proper medical attention.

Information from the surveys and interviews will be analysed to identify ways in which VWA can enhance the function of the Ghana Health Service and best help the local community access proper medical care.

Once a solution is agreed upon, we will propose 3 options for the type of infrastructure required for the service. And finally, based on the sustainability, cost effectiveness, and feasibility of the 3 options, we will choose the optimal design to write a proposal on. This proposal will then be used by VWA to find funding and sponsorship for the project.

So far, Alex and I have drafted the questionnaires for the community, local clinics, and district offices. Upon approval, we will start setting up appointments with officials and head out into Oshieye to start our research.


Oshieye Community


Erica (8th August 2016)




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