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The past couple of days have been loaded. We are finally holding formal and informal discussions with the locals to identify the key problems with the health care sector. We held talks with the health care volunteer at Oshieye, the nurses at the Kokrobite clinic, and the in charge and nurses of the Bortianor clinic. Data collected from the registries of the 2 clinics were used for statistical analyses and to identify the most prominent causes of admission. Malaria, respiratory tract infection, dermatitis, and gastroenteritis are on the top of the list, with malaria plaguing the lives of more than 60% of the registered cases.

Discussions with the volunteers have helped us identify the key reasons for the poor health and sanitation in the community; the most signficant ones being financial problems, lack of proper waste disposal, inadequate food, and a general lack of education. 

We are currently still in our research phase and have not drafted any potential solutions yet, but the community is keen on giving us invaluable opinions and feedback. 

In the next few days we will be continuing to meet with people on the district, sub-district, and community level to get a better picture of the situation. 

Meeting with Mr. Ottabell (community health volunteer)

Data collection from Bortianor with Mary (nurse)

Credits to Peter for all the candids

This is Peter!

Erica (11th August 2016)


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