New Direction

We’ve got news! The depth of the research conducted over the past couple of weeks has indicated that the problems the community faces need to be addressed on an official level with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and other NGOs. What started as a mere investigation of Oshieye’s medical needs has ended in an in-depth analysis,branching off to various aspects of the people’s lives that contribute to the lack of proper health and sanitation in the community.

As a result, Matt (VWA Director) and the EWB team has decided to split the project into two; one tackling the medical centre that will be built within the VWA compound to serve as a sick bay for the children in the centre and the other liaising information between the GHS and the community.

Even though this doubles the work, the team is determined to do as much as we can whilst our placement lasts. This week will comprise of measuring around the compound to start designing blue prints for the construction, and holdinh formal talks with the Oshieye community and CHPS nurses to draft our health report.



Erica (15th August 2016)


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