There is a lot going on! Especially with 2 projects now, the team is doing various things at various different times. 

With respect to the medical facility to be built on the VWA compound, the team has completed taking measurements and drawing a 3-D model of the site. Today, we made sketches of possible construction plans keeping funding, cost, needs, and water supply in mind. The team will now move into researching the viable options, sourcing materials to get cost estimations, and drafting specs. 

We can almost promise this is a candid

We have first aid kits handy. It’s all good.

In terms of the medical report for the Oshieye community, we’ve been distributing letters and setting up appointments at district and sub district level offices. On Friday we went to the Health Directorate and the Ga South Municipal Assembly to submit the letters and went back to the Municipal assembly today for a meeting. We are now moving into more official research; trying to understand the initiatives the government is taking in the health care 

Amidst Ghana traffic

Erica (22nd August 2016)


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