Round-Table Discussion 

Firstly, apologies for such a late post. Even though there is a lot to write about, like our Cape Coast Trip, last day in VWA and our flight back, this post is dedicated to the meat of one of our projects; the medical report for Oshieye. 

On 7th of September, we held a Round-Table discussion between some of the key stakeholders in the Healthcare situation of Oshieye. We were very glad to welcome a member of the Health Directorate, a member of the environmental officer, Development Action Association (DAA), clinic in-charge, volunteers and nurses. 

The afternoon began with an address by the VWA Executive Director, Matt, followed by the Healthcare report presentation by EWB, and concluded with a discussion between the present parties. 

The discussion was very fruitful, with everyone participating by bringing out comments, questions, concerns, novel ideas and partnership opportunities. 

Issues relating the CHPS zone, toilets, waste disposal, and community involvement were tackled through discussion. Some action plans regarding communal cleaning were drafted and some connections between the DAA and CHPS nurses were made. The health Directorate was interested in the information VWA had to offer about the common practices of the Oshieye community, using it to make their plans fit for purpose. 

The next plan of action is to complete the Healthcare report by adding the findings from this discussion and emailing it out to all the present parties. This will enable each party to have contact information of each other and tackle the problems stated in the report.  

Erica (18th September 2016) 


Time Flies..

Sanitation Research at VWA with Josh and Peter

With the VWA site re-design work happening in earnest and the delivery of our healthcare report presentation looming it has been full steam ahead for the team here.

We can hardly belive it has been over 4 weeks since Me and Erica first landed in Ghana. We have all been so busy with all the preparations for the round table discussion, meetings with construction tradesmen and design work being done the last weeks are flying by. 

Nursery Building Floor Plan Design in CAD

As ever there needs to be some breaks from work to keep a healthy mind! as a group, staff and volunteers, we decided to climb one of the local hills situated right on the coast. The steps were steep but the views from the top were incredible!

Arms out for balence…

Can see all the way into Accra from here!

We are heading to the old colonial capital of Cape Coast this weekend for some R&R before the last week with the whole team. We’ll keep you posted.