A remote community not very far from Accra, leads its daily life with a lack of proper medication, clean water, secure electricity supply amongst many other limitations. To combat this situation, a local charity, Volunteer West Africa (VWA), has made a decision to construct a new medical centre that will provide support through vaccinations, health check ups, and a clean and sterile environment.

Our team of multi-disciplined engineers, aims to use engineering skills and a broad knowledge base to deliver a comprehensive document covering impact analysis, costing and design.

The plan of action is to first identify what local resources are available, conduct market research and assess the primary heath issues for the local community by liaising with heath care professionals on the ground. Recommendations of the appropriate level of care the centre must provide will come from the needs of the community and  examples of successful projects in the region.

A basic building will be designed for each of the recommended levels of care, the setup and running costs will be estimated to the best of our ability.  The research, designs and costings will be compiled into the final report where we make our recomEWB-UK Logomendation.


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