Meet the kids 

“Aunty Erica, carry me!” insisted Nina when I first stepped out into the nursery yesterday morning. Nina is one of the 67 kids that are enrolled in the VWA Nursery School programme. The organization carries out an assessment in the local community of Oshiye to identify children who would most benefit from a safe, clean, and educational environment and then provides them with a headstart into schooling. The nursery has been running for 2 years and also provides healthcare services for the kids and their parents, which are currently being carried out by a nurse from the US, Brooke.

Always camera ready!

The kids trying to get Uncle Alex to carry them

Posing for their group photo before school breaks up for 2 weeks.

The Healthcare centre that EWB Bath is working on will initially provide services to the kids of the nursery and then expand out to cover all kids in the local community.
An informal interview with Brooke helped us identify the key issues and limitations with healthcare in the Oshiye and Kokrobite, giving us a starting point for our research.

Erica (5th August 2016)


Akwaaba! Welcome!

Today, our assistant project manager, Sophie, guided us through the local regions of Kokrobite, Oshiye, Old Barrier, and Greater Accra.

Map of our journey today. 15455 steps walked!

In between trekking, taking shared taxis, and experiencing the local tro-tro, we visited the local clinic in Kokrobite and the Finney private hospital, ending our trip at West Africa’s largest mall, West Hills.
The region is very rural, lacking basic infrastructure such as complete buildings and proper roads, but the people are beyond welcoming. Casual greetings by men strolling down the road and eager waves from the local children brought instant smiles to our faces. Loud groovy reggae and bright, colorful outfits welcomed us on almost every vehicle we got on reminding us that we have landed in vibrant Africa.

Kokrobite beach

Catch of the day. Kokrobite is known to be a fishing village

Local tro-tro rides

Erica (3rd August 2016)

A Generous Donation

As I set off from Heathrow this evening to meet Erica out in Ghana tomorrow, as I had a spare baggage item with me on the flights, it has been filled by a generous donation of 0-6yr old clothes from Age Concern UK in Sandwich!

We’d like to thank them and Eleanor Clifford for organising, I’m sure they will be received well.



Meet the team!

Hello and welcome to our blog for our visit to Ghana this summer. We are a team of 3 from Engineers without Borders Bath, going to visit the Volunteer West Africa team for 6 weeks.

The main aims of the trip are:

  • To produce a report that will collate the research undertaken and suggest at least one solution in adequate detail to work as project proposal when applying for funding and designs for local contractors to build the centre.
  • Continue to build relationships with VWA and the local community and establish how we can best support VWA in our partnership with them over the next 5 years.

We hope to keep a weekly blog throughout the visit to keep you up-to-date with what we’re up to.

Thanks for your support so far,

Alex, Erica and JoshMLP team